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Deciding on the Colour and Fabric for Drapes
When researching custom drapery, deciding the material that suits your design is probably the most important part. The fabric that drapery is constructed from will add to the style and efficiency of the window covering and there are a daunting amount of fabric options to choose from. Read More

Alternative Multi-Shades – Loving These!
Maxxmar, a Toronto manufacturer has designed many innovative solutions, such as the Alternative Multi-Shades called the Mira Vista collection. They are designed to maximize the amount of sunlight and adjust for privacy with a touch of a finger while still letting you view the great outdoors. Read More

Letting the Light In! Shades or Half Shutters
Another option is an easy-to-use cordless shade that provides complete light and privacy control with a Top-Down/Bottom-Up shade. You can achieve any desired level of control and privacy with a vast assortment of features and options Honeycomb or cellular shades, earned their names from the empty pockets of air that run parallel to their seams. Read More

Choosing a Shutter for Your Windows
Shutters are a HOT item in the Window Covering market these days. People like the clean lines, ease with which you can control the light and their somewhat "tropical" feel. But many people have been burned by purchasing an inexpensive shutter only to have a louver become detached from the main mechanism shortly after purchase. Read More

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