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Personalize Your Room With Custom Blinds in Toronto


A window blind is a means of covering a window, by achieving similar results to those obtained by fitting drapery. Blinds are typically the same width and height as the window itself or slightly wider and taller, depending on whether they are fixed inside or outside the window's reveal. If you wish to get custom blinds for your Toronto home, call Mayfair today. Unlike the ready-made products, custom window blinds are made based on the measurements and specifications of the windows at your home, ensuring they fit and work correctly. At Mayfair Drapery & Rug, we use superior materials that last long and give you peace of mind.

We are glad to offer services such as reupholstering and broadloom.


Ask Us about Our “Shop At Home” Service for Window Blinds in the Toronto Area

At Mayfair, we measure and install to make sure that your blinds are a perfect fit for not just your windows, but your style.

Our “Shop at Home” option brings our specialists to your home where we’ll work with you to find the right window solution for your home. Call today to enjoy the convenience of shopping for shades and blinds on your schedule and in the comfort of your own home.

Choosing window blinds, or shades depends on a few factors. Here are some quick questions you should ask yourself or that we can discuss together as you look for new window blinds for your Toronto home: 

  • Amount of light you would like to let in – are you looking to block out all light (e.g. in a bedroom for sleeping) or would you like to still have some light diffuse through while offering you privacy (e.g. a living room or kitchen window that faces the street or the house next to you)?

  • Aesthetics – are you interested in using your blinds or shades as an accent in the room or are you more of a minimalist?

  • Materials – do you have a preference on what your shades are made of? Heavier materials will help to keep out the hot sun in the summer and keep in the warmth in winter but they’ll allow less light and will be stiffer to use. Lighter materials can sometimes be more delicate and susceptible to accidents.

  • Longevity – are you the kind of person who will change up your décor every few years or will these be in your windows for the next 20 years if possible?

  • Safety of your family – If you have young children, this needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to the blind chords. Would you like to install cord stops or cordless blinds?

Premium Quality Blinds for Your Needs

We offer a wide variety of blinds to match your style, functionality, and aesthetic. As we are a custom blind retailer, you’ll get to work with our experts to strategize, measure, and decide on your desired fabric, style, and functionality for a window covering solution that best fits you and your home. 

The right window blinds have a positive impression on the overall design and theme of your home. In addition to blocking sunlight from entering the room, they also naturally cool your room and act as a privacy barrier, preventing people from being able to see inside. We offer a large selection of blinds, each having their unique style and look:

Our blinds selections include: 

  • Aluminum Blinds: Versatile and well-matched to most décors, these blinds offer a cost efficient option and a classic look.

  • Horizontal Blinds: Add some soft style while you block out the sun and gain privacy with these sophisticated blinds. They can seamlessly cover larger window expanses. 

  • Vertical Blinds: These blinds offer easy maintenance, total light control, and a touch of style and elegance to whatever room you choose to put them in.

Once you’ve decided on the blinds you want, we’ll bring in our professional team who will use their experience and expertise to install them for you.

If you have any questions about the types of blinds we carry or wish to “Shop at Home” with one of our specialists for new window shades for your Toronto home, please don’t hesitate in calling Mayfair today. You can also fill out our online form for further information on our window shades in Toronto. 

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