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We are pleased to offer a comprehensive Shop At Home experience for our customers. For no charge, you can arrange to have one of our Design Consultants come to your home with a vast array of samples and swatches for you to choose from. We will discuss your options and help you select the perfect window coverings and accessories for your space.

We will take exact measurements and you can order on the spot. Once made to your specifications, we will return and professionally install your selections as ordered.

It is best to CALL to arrange an appointment so we can gather some basic information from you to ensure the Consultant arrives with the most appropriate samples..

Get Answers to All Your Questions


  • How long is the appointment?
    That really depends on what you are looking for. To select a blind for one window will obviously not take as long as choosing drapery and sheers for the whole house. That is why when we book the appointment with you, we always ask what you are looking for, to get a better idea of how much time to allow in your home. As a general rule we allow 90 minutes for each appointment but are very flexible.
  • Who will come to my home?
    Only one of our experienced Decorating Consultants will come to your house. All our salespeople have been in the business for many years and are experienced in both measuring and design.
  • What do I need to do to prepare?
    Nothing! Just make sure the windows are accessible for measuring and if you already have an idea of what you are interested in, please let the sales consultant know.
  • What happens during the appointment?
    We will show you samples of whatever you are looking for, be it drapery, sheers, blinds, shutters, broadloom or upholstery fabrics, take accurate measurements of the areas you wish to cover and discuss the design, style and installation options available to you. We will then give you a price for the work.
  • What will you bring to my home?.
    A vast array of samples of whatever it is you are looking for – drapery, sheer or upholstery fabrics, blinds, shutters or shades or broadloom
  • Is there a cost?
    No - We provide No Charge, No Obligation, Shop At Home Service
  • Do you take measurements?
    Yes – We will take accurate measurements of whatever areas you wish to cover
  • Can I order on the spot?
    Yes – Once you have decided on what you would like, we will provide you with a complete price, including installation. You can then place your order right then and there. We will write up a contract for you, specifying everything you are ordering, and leave you a copy. We do require a minimum of a third deposit at the time of ordering with the balance due on delivery.
  • How long will my order take?
    That really depends on what you order and the availability of the materials selected, but as a general rule, most orders are completed within 2 to 3 weeks of placing the order.

Call to arrange your shop at home appointment now

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