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Solar Shades

Stylish & Innovative Solar Shades in Toronto


Sunlight is a bountiful natural resource and a great way to bring the beauty of the outdoors to the inside of your living room. However, without solar blinds, the sunlight coming into your home can cause excessive heating and glare. Solar shades are a great way to minimize the heat and glare from the sun during the day. Mayfair Drapery & Rug Company offers a diverse collection of stylish, energy-efficient and innovative solar shades. We have an extensive selection of indoor and outdoor solar shades in Toronto to match any home. Call us to learn more about our wide range of high-quality solar blinds in Toronto.

Benefits of Solar Shades

Solar shades can block harmful UV rays, thereby reducing the dependency on HVAC. Solar shades are also an innovative way to reduce the glare from the sun. With functional and aesthetic solar shades, you can work on your computer in the middle of the day without moving around or adjusting the position of your screens to see better. 

In addition, solar shades serve more than just a practical purpose. Solar shades are a stylish and cost-effective alternative to using electronic appliances for heating and cooling. They can help you make any home or office more comfortable without using extra energy. Apart from being a great investment, solar shades are eco-friendly and easy to use. 

Solar shades provide safety, convenience, comfort, and savings. Speak to our team to know more about the best solar shades for you.

An Extensive Selection of High-Quality Solar Shades

At Mayfair Drapery & Rug Company, you'll find a range of functional and aesthetic solar shades, best suited to your needs. We offer solar shades especially suited for sunrooms, verandas, and balconies. The solar shades can block up to 90% of the sun's UV rays, making your outdoor areas functional even on sweltering summer days.

What Kind of Shades Should I Go For?

While selecting the shades for your home, it is essential to keep in mind that every home is different. Our team can help you choose functional and stylish solar blinds in Toronto as per your personal design preferences and specific needs. Get in touch today to receive top-quality, personalized services.

High-quality Solar Shades in Toronto


Mayfair Drapery & Rug Company is the trusted supplier of premium solar shades in Toronto for your homes or offices.

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