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4 Things to Consider When Looking for Drapes or Curtains for Your Home

Custom drapery and curtains

Custom drapes and curtains put the finishing touches on your window, but choosing the right look can seem overwhelming. Knowing which things to look at can help you narrow down the options.


The characteristics of your window coverings determine how well they fit with your overall decor. You'll get a personalized look that enhances the design you already have in your room.


Keep reading to learn four things to consider when choosing your window coverings.


1. Set a Budget

You can spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars on custom-made drapes. Before you start looking at the options, set your budget. Knowing how much you can afford can help you make design decisions, such as which type of fabric to use or how much detail you want on the window coverings.


2. Think About Fabrics

Deciding on the fabric sets the tone for your custom drapes. The type of material impacts the quality and look of your window coverings.

Fabrics for drapes range from lightweight sheer fabric that lets in plenty of sunlight to heavy, lined fabrics that block sunlight. Consider the weight you want in the fabric, both for the look and the amount of light it lets in. Sheer fabrics create a softer look while thick fabrics create a heavier, more formal look.


3. Select a Style

Start by narrowing down the general style, whether that's casual, formal, ornate, shabby chic, modern, or something else. The drape style should coordinate with the overall room style.

Fabric color is another style selection. Neutral colors blend in with the surroundings while bright colors add bold style. You'll also need to choose between solid color and patterned curtains.

Another style decision is the header, which can include tab back, tab top, rod pocket, and grommet headers. Each gives a slightly different look and affects how the curtains hang.

Look at the detailing on the drapes. If you want a simple look, choose a plain drape. For a more formal look, you might choose an ornate design with tassels and other detailing.


4. Look at the Length

Decide how long you want your curtains to be.

For a floor-length look, the drapes should just reach the floor. You can also choose a length that ends no more than an inch above the floor. If they hit more than an inch above the floor, they often look too small for the window.

The specific length of the curtains you'll need depends on how high you plan to hang them in order to have them hit at the ideal spot. The common height is 4 to 6 inches above your window. 

You can hang your curtains higher if you want to make the windows look taller. A higher placement gives the drapes a more dramatic look.


Find the Best Custom Drapes and Curtains

Custom drapes and curtains give your room a stunning finish. Knowing what to look for and how to choose the best drapes makes the results even more stunning.

Explore our custom drapery options to get quality, beautiful drapes that fit your windows and style.




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