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Alternative Multi-Shades – Loving These!

Alternative Multi-Shades

Maxxmar, a Toronto manufacturer has designed many innovative solutions, such as the alternative multi-shades called the Mira Vista collection. They are designed to maximize the amount of sunlight and adjust for privacy with a touch of a finger while still letting you view the great outdoors.

You can control the shades to make them into a stripe, which I think can add an interesting decorating touch and enhances your room decor.

Available in a wide assortment of colours, textures and opacities, design options include traditional roller shades, dual shade for maximum control of the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays and the unique tri-shade for optimal light control and intimacy.

2 different types to choose from:


  • Available on traditional dual and tri-shades

  • Single continuous loop control allows you to adjust shad height and light diffusion


  • Available on traditional and dual shades

  • Single continuous loop control works at the touch of finger by simple pulling on the chain loop allowing the shade to retract slowly into the cassette.


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