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Choosing a Shutter for Your Windows

Choosing a Shutter for Your Windows

Shutters are a HOT item in the window covering market these days. People like the clean lines, ease with which you can control the light and their somewhat "tropical" feel. But many people have been burned by purchasing an inexpensive shutter only to have a louver become detached from the main mechanism shortly after purchase. Once a louver becomes detached, they are often difficult to repair or at least STAY repaired. One louver that is "singing to its own music" destroys the harmony that is a key advantage of a shutter system.

So when choosing shutters, don't just look at the finish on the louvers. Look closely to how the louver attaches to the main rail. Staples often come loose and as I said, while they look easy to repair, they seldom are. A nylon or PVC linkage mechanism is much more robust as it is more firmly fixed to the louver and less likely to disconnect with normal use.

People love vinyl louvers because they are so easy to clean. They used to be prone to warping in the sun but that is largely a thing of the past. For more information on our shutter systems, call us today.


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