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Deciding on the Colour and Fabric for Drapes

Modern room with drapery

When researching custom drapery, deciding the material that suits your design is probably the most important part. The fabric that drapery is constructed from will add to the style and efficiency of the window covering and there are a daunting amount of fabric options to choose from. Silk drapery may add elegance to a room yet does little to block out sunlight so adding in a sheer will protect your furniture and your privacy.

A lined drape can be more durable and easier to clean however may lack the quaint subtlety of silk. The color of your drapes is also an important factor as the color is what connects the drapes with your home and style. A fabric or style that does not match could be an eyesore whereas the right window treatment may be the perfect finish to your decor and enhance the beauty of your home.

Trims, rich and ornate or styled cord edges are all interesting accents that can be included in the finishing touches. Do we dare go back to swags? There are some beautiful braided ropes that can make a room much more interesting. Another unique and creative way to design a set of drapes is with contrasting linings, offering an appealing visual to match the exterior of your home in one colour and your interior in another.

Finials are also an important detail and can be the perfect touch to a window treatment. However sometimes the space between the ceiling and the frame of the window won’t allow for this, having this professionally measured and incorporated into the design is important. And what about those odd shaped windows that the builder thought was interesting on the outside of the house but not so much on the interior. A made to measure starched material could be a possible solution.

To avoid multiple trips to and from the store to pick-up and drop-off swatches, in hopes that you have selected the right fabric and design, consider an in-home visit from an expert who has an eye for design and multiple options to consider. It can be less complicated and more precise if the fabrics and styles come to you to review in the room in which you wish to decorate. Our consultative approach is to provide options, let you know the pros and cons of the different fabrics and give you the confidence to make your selection.


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