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Letting the Light In! Shades or Half Shutters

Women looking outside

A Window Covering With Privacy in Mind


Top-Down/Bottom-Up Shade

Another option is an easy-to-use cordless shade that provides complete light and privacy control with a top-down/bottom-up shade. You can achieve any desired level of control and privacy with a vast assortment of features and options. Honeycomb, or cellular, shades earned their names from the empty pockets of air that run parallel to their seams. Cellular shades are similar to traditional pleated shades when viewed from the room but are designed with at least two sheets of fabric; one facing the room and the other facing the outdoors. The layers of fabric are joined together at the seams so that, when the shade is pulled down, pockets of air are created to help insulate the room.


  • Hundreds of options in degrees of opaque and colors

  • Flexibility with the color used to accent inside and exterior décor.

  • The “cells” along with fabric thickness can insulate your room against heat loss in the winter and heat absorption in the summer.

  • Provide a sound barrier against both outside and inside noise.

  • Cordless is an excellent safety feature when babies or pets are in the home


Cafe Style Shutters

If you want to see the blue sky and the birds going by, an option to consider is a cafe style shutter that covers only the lower section of the window. This keeps the prying eyes from looking into your windows but allows you to see out. This can provide a clearer view than using a sheer

Here's how it works:

  • Half shutters cover the lower section of the window only

  • You can leave the panels closed the majority of the time

  • Tilt the shutter blades at a 45 degree angle

  • Passers-by can’t see though the blades and your room is private

  • This can also work perfectly if you incorporate curtains, which can be closed at night to add warmth to the room and block early morning sunlight.


As with all options, we can design your panels to be of a size which will fold outside of the window frame easily. The installation can have the ability for the panels to bi-fold or stack onto each other. Narrower panels work better if you think you will pull open the shutters more frequently. Call today for more information.


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