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Why broadloom is the best flooring choice for your home or business

With so many flooring options available today, choosing the right one for your home or business can be overwhelming. 

One possibility that often gets overlooked when renovating a home or office is broadloom or wall-to-wall carpeting. Compared to options like hardwood and natural stone, this type of flooring brings undeniable comfort and style to Toronto homes and businesses.

How to choose your flooring

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a flooring option for your home or business. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

• Is the space open or closed?

If the area that needs new flooring is an open space, it may be best to opt for broadloom. This type of flooring will muffle the sounds of people talking and moving around, which is especially important in office environments or homes with a lot of people.

• How is the space used?

If people are standing for large parts of the day, it’s best to stay away from hard flooring materials like natural stone or wood. Carpeting provides more comfort, and can reduce muscle strain and fatigue.

How much maintenance is required?

Look beyond the cost of purchasing and installing the floor. Maintenance for carpet is minimal. A weekly vacuuming and yearly shampoo or steaming is usually all that is required.

Advantages of broadloom

These are some reasons to choose wall-to-wall carpeting over other types of flooring. Broadloom is:

Less expensive. When compared to popular options such as hardwood or tile, broadloom or carpeting is generally more affordable to purchase and install.

More comfortable. A carpeted room is warmer and more comfortable than one with a hard floor. This makes it ideal for settings where young children play or people are on their feet.

Easier to install. While it may not become your next DIY project, installing broadloom is definitely quicker and easier than installing other types of flooring.

• Safer. Contrary to popular belief, carpets reduce airborne dust, making broadloom a great choice for people with asthma or allergies. There’s also a reduced chance of falls occurring with broadloom, making carpets the safer choice.

Variety. Broadloom can be found in a wide variety of colours, patterns, textures and thicknesses.

If you’d like to know more about the advantages of broadloom, consult one of the professionals from Mayfair Drapery & Rug Company. They’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect carpet for your Greater Toronto Area home or business. Call us today to book your free, in-home consultation.


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