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How Window Blinds Can Elevate the Look of Your Home

Blinds are window coverings available in multiple styles, colours and patterns. They enhance the visual appeal while increasing functionality. You can elevate the look of your home or office with custom blinds, shades and draperies from Mayfair Drapery & Rug Co.

A typical window blind is made of several long horizontal or vertical slats. These are held together by cords running through them. They are easy to operate and you can control them either manually or electronically. You can space out the slats when you want the light to pass through them or arrange them to overlap each other and block out the light. If you want only a certain amount of light to pass, you can set them at angles. Shades are also window coverings but are made up of a single piece of soft material instead of slats. It is attached to a rod or frame at the upper edge of the window and can be raised or lowered using mechanisms similar to the blinds.

Here are some types of custom blinds and shades you can choose from Mayfair Drapery & Rug Co.

1. Rollers Blinds – When spread out, these blinds hang like a panel and roll up into a cylindrical rod when closed. You can design them with sheer and solid fabrics. They are extremely durable and don’t require maintenance.

2. Honeycomb Shades – Also known as cellular shades, they are very efficient at providing insulation. You can save on your energy bills with these on your windows. The fabric pleats in a way to form cell shaped pockets which trap air in them. It helps in insulating against heat in summers and redirecting the warmth towards the room in winters.

You can either raise the shade from the bottom or lower it from the top and have better control over the privacy you enjoy.

3. Wooden Blinds – Wood or bamboo can be also used for blinds. Wood is a versatile material which allows numerous design possibilities. They add a degree of rawness to sophisticated designs and are available in various tones. Thicker slates offer traditional charm and thinner ones provide a contemporary look.

You will get more colour choices with faux wood, made from composite wood material or even vinyl. They are suitable for areas which are humid or cause more wear and tear.

4. Roman Blinds – Roman blinds are made from fabric that pleats when raised. Roman blinds offer effective light control and can be made with a large variety of colours, patters and materials.

5. Venetian Blinds – These are a timeless and durable option. They are made of slats which can be rotated around 180-degrees in unison. You can rotate them to varying degrees of separation to allow light to enter through. When the blinds are lifted, the cord pulls them upwards, while the slats press into one another. They are available in a variety of patterns and colours.

6. Motorized – With this option, you can use an app or a remote to lift, lower and tilt the blinds. You can even schedule a time for adjusting them as per your requirements. Head over to our other blog to learn more about how you can benefit from motorized blinds.

How Blinds Will Improve Your Home

Blinds fit very well into all kinds of windows. They offer minimal aesthetics which has a timeless appeal. At the same time, they don’t divert attention from your furnishings and decorations. You can draw them top-down, bottom-up or opt for a clean cordless look.

1. Control the Light Entering Your Room – You can easily change the amount of light entering your room as per your requirements. You can tilt the slats to any angle, and manage the degree of light entering your room. On the other hand, curtains can be either opened or closed. Some light may come in but it won’t be diffused.

2. Easy to Maintain – A quick wipe with a dust cloth or occasional light vacuuming is enough for the blinds to look their best. Curtains require laundering or cleaning.

3. Customizable – You can customize the designs to match your living space or office. They are available in numerous fabrics and colours which add to the interiors. You can get them in printed or solid colours on different kinds of fabrics. Choose them in matching complementary colours with the décor of your space.

You can also achieve a layered look by pairing blinds and shades along with traditional fabric panels.

Contact us and schedule an in-home appointment for custom blinds and shades. We offer a wide range of shutters, blinds, drapes and more.


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